This is the end:-)

So, final project has been submitted and it’s time for holidays:-D

This is the link for a website-interface i made to present my work (it hasn’t really been optimised for the web cause I wanted to give the full quality videos, so be a little patient if it’s slow)

over and out:-)


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3rd game: A beba blom & agalmatakia akounita

This is the link to the 3rd animation of the “cutout backyard”.

agalmatakia akounita

“A beba blom” is a greek counting rhyme (like “eeny, meeny, miny, moe”), so the child selected is “it” (the “mother”, as we call it in Greece). This rhyme is followed by the game “agalmatakia akounita” which literally translates to “little still statues”. It will make more sense when the sound is added to it:-)

*The building on the rock in the back is the Parthenon on the Acropolis rock, in Athens, Greece. The modern building to the left is the New Acropolis Museum and the building to the right is the Makrigiannis building.

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Writing my dissertation

I have made a break from animating and hope to have a very good first draft of my dissertation on Friday. I am researching issues such as the power of animation in our optic-centric society,in order to justify the selection of this medium as the “new language” we choose to communicate tradition to younger generations. I have also gathered a number of examples where communities or individuals use animation to pass on their dialect, religion, and many other aspects of their particular culture that seem to be descending into limbo due to the mass culture that is widespread in this “global village”. Another aspect I would like to explore on the other hand is how museums (the more “official” institutions of art and culture) use animation to involve children mainly in art and culture, and the implications entailed. My focus is mainly on oral culture, but of course I have to study aspects of more “formal culture”, as existing research has focused mainly there. This is the angle through which i will attempt to examine the work I have done…

If u have any interesting books/ articles in mind I should read.. please let me know! It’s never too late (before the 20th of August that is!!!)

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Stay tuned… sound is coming right up!!!

No media file to go with this post  yet – but I have great news! Sound designer  Joe Still offered to do the sound design for my small animations!

We had a meeting this afternoon and went over a few things and  – dramatic pause – he sent me a first version of “tiflomiga” about an hour ago!

Really happy and excited! Even the thought of doing the sound design by myself gave me a headache… Thanks again Joe! I really appreciate it!

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Not all clichés are bad!

Apart from the new Acropolis museum (the building on your left) the rest is a bit of a cliché! But no harm in having some laughs once in a while!

So here they are.. my little darlings, dancing syrtaki with a background of the Acropolis and olive trees:-P

Little kids in a totally everyday scene:-P

(This isn’t going to be part of any game – it’s a post merely for the fun of it!)

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Second game ( Tiflomiga ) animation…

Tiflomiga (blindfold with tag)

Here’s the link to the video on vimeo! If u don’t know the game, please let me know if the “rules” are clear – cause that’s (sort of) the point!


I’m now starting off with the 3rd game called “agalmatakia akounita mera i nichta” (which literally means “small still it day or is it night?”)

As an homage to the recently inaugurated Acropolis museum, I think I’ll have the setting there…with the Acropolis rock in the back:-)

Also: Acropolis—> museum—> statues…. ahahha ..get it? lol

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First game ( Perna perna i melissa ) animation

Well… the first game’s animation is done (I need to make some corrections – including the camera of course…) but it’s time to move on to the second one!

perna perna i melissa



Comments for changes welcome:-)

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